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STATIC - a trailer

A tiny trailer and glimpse of STATIC.

STATIC is a 360 film, made by Sarah Cole & Annis Joslin over 2020/21. The viewer is placed into an uncanny domestic home, a looming suburban emptiness and intense dream-state environments where the actions of the characters resonate with frustration, desire, routine and an uncertain sense of agency. STATIC plays with scale, emotional instability, your sense of responsibility and our everyday failures in communication. It is darkly funny and a bit disturbing, but ultimately offers up some hope from the limited fractious scraps of what seems possible in this characters world.

A series of IRL and online test screenings with a variety of audiences always followed by insightful, generous and stimulating conversations helped Sarah and I understand more about what we just spent 6 months making in the midst of a global pandemic.. we are now developing and seeking opportunities to show STATIC more widely over the coming year and beyond.

The trailer features the brilliant Lilian Mae Deans Allison. We also worked with the equally fantastic artist/performer and BSL interpreter Susan Merrick and composer Isa Suarez.


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