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Cole & Joslin

Sarah Cole and Annis Joslin are an award winning artist duo whose work explores lived experience and social justice. Working collaboratively with others their process is multi-disciplinary, leading to co-authored videos, objects, performances, presentations, monoprints, drawings, texts & installations. Collage is often a key part of their creative research process exploring the inter-relationship between digital and analogue technologies.

Their videos bring together ongoing research into the lived experiences of the people they work with. More information can be found on their joint website, Cole & Joslin.


Recent screenings and exhibitions include Phoenix Arts Space, Brighton, The Fine Arts Film Festival, USA, Luella International, Film Festival,  Sweden, Courage Film Festival, Berlin, Beyond the Curve Film Festival, France,  Cannes World Film Festival, France, Firm Film Festival, Spain. The National Trust, Videoclub,  Tate Modern, Electric Medway Festival,  Athens Digital Arts Festival.  

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