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Upside Down and Inside Out

Commissioned by Sussex Partnership and Brighton Museum to create a permanent exhibition for Millview Hospital reception and corridors. The final photographica, montage and collage work was created in collaboration with service users, carers and staff working with the artist Annis Joslin.


The project began with J M W Turner's watercolour ‘Brighthelmston, Sussex’ created in 1824 and acquired by The Royal Pavilion and Museums on 26th January 2012.  In this painting Brighton is seen from the outside in, from the point of view of being out at sea.


On meeting, one of the first things the group did was to walk to Brighton seafront and look out to where J M W Turner may have been when he painted this image. As part of this walk the group took photographs, many of which have been included in the exhibition.


From this starting point the project continued to develop through conversations and creative experiments. The collages were all made using historic photographs of local people and places selected by group members from the Museum's photographic archive or from maps of the local area.


So Upside Down and Inside Out has been inspired by J M W Turner, by the City of Brighton and Hove and above all by a desire to make an exhibition for everyone at Mill View.



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