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Corridor - a new venture.

In the autumn of 2019 I met up with Juliette Buss and Claire Wearn with a desire to start up a new organisation that could reflect our shared commitments to making a difference through the arts. This became Corridor, an organisation that connects artists, people and places which we began early 2020. Juliette, Claire and I have collaborated professionally for over 10 years working in different capacities (as artist, curator, project manager) on a breadth of art, education and heritage projects Corridor galvanises this collective expertise in a fresh and responsive way. When lock down struck we were beginning to research a public art project in Arun, West Sussex - and starting to develop plans in consultation with young people through participating in Culture Shifts' Creative cafe events and had an number of other projects in development. NHSE Health and Justice approached us (via a contact I had following a recent animation project) to create Art Boxes to support isolated young people, children and women in acute isolation during lockdown. Corridor's website will be launching soon but until then here's a few photos of the Corridor Art Box project including the set of bespoke artist postcards we commissioned as part of the project. You can also follow us on twitter @corridorproj and instagram @corridorproj

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