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Arts Council funded project with Sarah Cole (Cole & Joslin) developing STATIC, a 360 film.

Commissioned by English Heritage and Photoworks to create a series of digital resources and design workshop to support young people to explore the theme of untold heritage through photography in collaboration with photographer Alejandra Tolra for Shout Out Loud - EH's youth engagement programme.

'Fiction is a lie that tells the truth' A series of animated films made in collaboration with Tony Gammidge and a group of young people in the criminal justice system. The aim of the project was to explore young people's attitudes to health and well being to enable them to feed into a new healthcare programme. Stories of teenage pregnancy, abandonment, violence, loss, loneliness, neglect, and broken bones emerged.

Putting Ourselves in the Picture

Artist in Residence Fabrica Gallery

The Light and the Load

Making Spaces Residency at Fabrica Gallery

Guifa Project, Glyndebourne and The Complete Freedom of Truth

Messy Business

Self Identity Commission People United and Domestic Abuse Charity Joining Hands Joining Hearts.

If Hope Could Speak

Poetry and Film Collaboration with poet Rachel Rooney with young people in Chalkhill Mental Health Hospital.

Draw me In

Towner Art Gallery

Artist In Residence

Chalkhill Education Centre

Breath Taking

Collaboration with Sarah Cole, commissioned by National Trust

What Makes Your Heart Sing...

Public Art Project Commissioned by Sussex Partnerships NHS Trust

Giddy Brighton

A nine month project finally culminated in the launch of the Giddy Brighton app and exhibition launched as part of Brighton Festival - an opportunity to walk vicariously down memory lane, featuring the personal stories of Brighton & Hove locals who loved, lost and rebelled as teenagers during the 1940-60s.

Box of...

Public Art Project Commissioned by Sussex Partnerships NHS Trust

Upside Down and Inside Out

Public Art Project Commissioned by Sussex Partnerships NHS Trust

This is Where I am Just Now

Public Art Project Commissioned by Sussex Partnerships NHS Trust

Downs to the Sea

Commissioned by Brighton and Hove Royal Pavilions and Museums to work with residents of Portslade and West Hove neighbourhoods to develop and create a series of photographic and and collage based work exhibited as part of the exhibition "Downs to Sea - A Slice of Life' which the group curated by choosing art work from the Arts Council Collection. The exhibition ran at Brighton Museum from April 5 - June 15 2014.

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