Hope and Uncertainty - Poetry and Film

I've begun a new poetry and film project at Chalkhill Education Centre, which is the school within Chalkhill mental health hospital for young people, over the past few weeks. The project was kicked off by poet Rachel Rooney who generated some poetry around the theme of Hope and Uncertainty. I explored the words and sentences generated further and we created an edited list for Rachel to rework and send back. From this tightly formed poem we then generated images in response to the poem and to further ideas around hope and uncertainty using objects, projections and animations. The fourth session was spent beginning to edited the images together (both a paper edit and some editing on my laptop

Photoworks Marsh Award for Excellence in Gallery Education

I was recently commissioned by Photoworks to make a film about the education and engagement programme led by Juliette Buss who won this award recently. I've worked with Juliette a lot on a variety of projects over the last few years and she deserves this acknowledgment because she really is excellent! https://photoworks.org.uk/project-news/juliette-buss-wins-marsh-award-for-excellence-in-gallery-education/

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