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Where I Am Just Now...

This participatory project was commissioned by Lindridge Nursing Home, Sussex Partnership and The Royal Pavilion and Museums.


Residents at the Lindridge worked in collaboration with  Annis Joslin a series of images for 3 light boxes and other digital work for permanent exhibition within the care home to help open up stories, memories and conversations. 


The project was delivered in partnership with the Royal Pavilion and Museums, Brighton and Hove and took its inspiration from images from within the museum’s photographic archive. 


Participants looked at photographs of the people and places of Brighton and Hove taken from the 1920s to the 1970s and selected images that spoke to them in some way. The photographs provided a rich talking point as participants shared their thoughts and reflections about the images. 


The group made creative responses to their chosen photographs using printmaking, drawing, painting and collage to transform them into new, intriguing, surreal and sometimes comical artworks.  Some images reflected memories from the past, whilst others took pleasure in creating something new. ​




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